Natural  Living  Images

Salvage Films create documentaries and short films centred on our natural world

both present and prehistoric, terrestrial and marine


First in the palaeontology documentary series demonstrating the World significance of the Beaumaris and Mentone Cliffs fossil sites

With Professor John Buckeridge and Murray Orr

3D Capable

Salvage Films and GreyPath Productions have created a series of 3D Anaglyph videos aimed at increasing sensory and memory stimulation for residential-care adults suffering Dementia  

Underwater Filmmaking

Filming underwater has proven to be the most challenging yet rewarding filmmaking. 94% of Earth's living species exist in our oceans  Stay tuned for upcoming 3D underwater videos

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 Salvage Films subscribes to Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS)  

Climate Council (CC), Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)

'To salvage is the act of saving something that is in danger of being completely destroyed'